“Pag-asa” Leni Rose Mosaic on Wood by Syd Alcala

20″x20″ print. Artwork by Syd Alcala


I called this artwork “Pag-asa” because this is what Leni Robredo is to me. She is our hope for change, for good governance, for a better future especially for Filipinos that are in need. She gives me and a lot of us hope and the passion to fight for a better Philippines, to fight for what’s right and what we deserve.

We deserve to be loved. We deserve to be taken care of. We deserve a president as capable, compassionate and inspiring as VP Leni Robredo.

This artwork is also a tribute to all the volunteers. There are about 4,000 Leni-Kiko roses in this artwork. These roses represent the thousands of volunteers sharing their skills and talents, going house to house, extending their time and effort and giving unconditionally to fight for our future. So here’s to all the hardworking and passionate volunteers. As a collective, we volunteers reflect the ideals of Ma’am. Together, we are all Leni Robredo.

-Syd Alcala

Proceeds from the artwork sales will be donated to help the victims of Typhoon Agaton and Leni-Kiko vounteer groups.



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