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What kind of wood do you use?

We use 1/2″ thick palochina for our products. For larger prints, 16″x24″ and above, we use 3/4″ thick plywood. For chopping boards and cheeseboards, there is an option to use acacia or palochina.

What file/photo do I need to upload?

For best results we recommend uploading jpg files with 300dpi. Lower resolution or smaller files can be uploaded, but there may be a small reduction in print quality. We will get in touch with you if the file you have uploaded cannot be used.

Images uploaded must also match the size or aspect ratio of the item purchased. If the size of the image and the size of the item do not match, we will crop the image as we see fit if there were no further instructions provided. e.g. if a 6″x6″ photo print was purchased and a rectangular photo was submitted, we will crop the photo to a square shape. If important features of the photo will be cropped e.g. people, or faces, we will add borders to the image to make it square instead of cropping.

Can I use mobile phone photos?

For mobile phone photos, we recommend printing on 6″x6″ or 6″x9″. We can still print on bigger sizes, but there may be a reduction in quality. Please do not use thumbnails or screenshots.

Can I use photos from facebook?

Photos taken from facebook are best to be used with 6″x6″ or 6″x9″. We can still print on bigger sizes, but there may be a reduction in quality. Please use “option – download” rather than “right click – save”, or taking screenshots of the photo. This will ensure that the biggest available resolution is downloaded. Please do not use thumbnails or screenshots.

How can I pay for my purchase?

You can pay via paypal or by bank deposit.

How long before I receive my order?

Our commitment is to get your order to the courier in 7-10 working days (excluding weekends and holidays). From courier to shipping address is 1-2 days. Any delays on the courier’s part is out of our control

What is the maximum size you can print?

We can print a maximum size of 8 feet x 4 feet. Please get in touch with us at [email protected].

My woodprint is not perfect. Is this a manufacturing defect?

Wood, being a naturally occuring item, will differ from piece to piece, unlike paper which is man-made. Each woodprint will have different grain patterns and sometimes blemishes. Though color reproduction will be more than sufficient for the average customer, some more discerning customers such as photographers and artists may notice that it is not 100% exact. This is due to the different properties and character of each individual piece of wood we use for our woodprints.

Can I get a discount if I order in bulk?

For special pricing for bulk orders, please get in touch with us at [email protected].